T2K Digital

The company offers its products and professional services in a broad variety of fields, among them:

  • Private TV channels and digital signage
  • Website development
  • Multimedia content production
  • Communication strategy
  • Online/offline communication plan & campaigns
  • Valued social media management
  • Brand strategy & implementation
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing plans
  • Distribution channels
  • Online customer service

Some of our current projects

Academia Europea de Ciencias y Artes

Digital communication & website.

Cirugía Robótica Madrid

Digital communication, website and video production.

Club Financiero Génova

TV channel set-up & operation.

Kundan Indian Restaurant

TV channel set-up & operation.


Digital communication & website.

Hermanos de San Juan de Dios

TV channel set-up & operation.


Digital communication, website & shop-on-line.


Digital communication & website.

Hospital Casa de Salud

Web design

New Top Models

Digital communitation & website.

Hospital Nuestra Señora del Rosario

TV Channel set-up & operation. Digital communication & website.


Digital communication & shop-on-line.

Some of our past projects


Web design

Plásticos Rochas

Web design


Web design

Grupo Rotuleón

Web design


TV Channel

Asistencia Integral de Pediatría

TV Channel and Social Media