Work with us

We are looking for professionals in Southern Europe

with interest and/or experience in the following fields:

  • Solution project management
  • E2E Solution management
  • Go-to-Market implementation
  • Supply chain management
  • B2B IoT Solutions
  • B2C IoT Solutions
  • Set-up new sales channels
  • Direct sales B2B
  • Retail sales, including shop-on-line
  • Indirect sales management
  • Sales promotion & materials
  • Sales admin and support
  • Commercial partnerships
  • Front-end management
  • Back-end management
  • Object Operation Center (OOC)
  • On-field implementation
  • On-line customer service
  • Logistics management

Why IoT?

Because the exciting industry of the Internet of Things (IoT), which too many brag about but few  deliver, is already providing numerous opportunities to develop promising, new innovative business with huge potential:

  • Solutions development and Go-to-market
  • Sales organization and performance
  • Service and Customer Operations

Why us?

Because we manage exclusive IoT Solutions (in particular for LPWA networks) for different user applications, such as:

  • goods and people tracking
  • home and industry smart metering and monitoring
  • smart cities

Our IoT Solutions have been carefully created for well-defined markets, through innovative, state-of-the-art and extremely competitive products and services.

Why you?

Because you are a motivated, creative professional, ready to tackle new opportunities, and willing to enhance your vision and experience through innovation in the exciting IoT industry. Together, we will be one of the few requested by the multiple, growing businesses to come.

If you are prepared to be part of the accelerated growing business of IoT Solutions, send us your resume or CV with all materials you consider appropriate for us to agree that YOU are the ONE.

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We manage already exclusive solutions for IoT (in particular for LPWA networks) in different use cases, as goods and people tracking, home and industry smart metering and monitoring, smart cities, and many others.

We offer the possibility of deploying, selling, operating and managing concrete IoT solutions for well-defined markets, through innovative, state-of-the-art and very competitive products and services, and a tailor-made relationship upon your preferences, seniority and expertise.

If you want to enjoy the new industry from scratch, now it’s the time: send us urgently your resume, CV or your experience, with all materials you may consider appropriate for us to decide that YOU are the ONE.