About us

THINKTANK 2000 is a private company that acts in setting-up and managing innovative projects at international level, through new technological developments or through a new vision to enhancing the business by offering new customized services.

The company has an extensive experience in different industries and fields:

Our mission

THINKTANK 2000 will mainly focus in start-ups, tech gap fulfilment and new geographical developments.

The company envisages developing innovative projects in the digital economy and around the new communication technologies that will edge and expand business positioning.

Our sustained growth will always be based in talent, knowledge, consistency and a good dose of audacity.

our vision thinktank2000

Our vision

The new economy provides a good number of fields to develop projects that search to create new services or to offer existing services in a new way. And this is more evident especially in the telecom industry, and also in the media and communications fields.

Services that will be more and more adapted and customized to the single user, services that take into consideration usability and the best option or need in the single instant; and much more efficient, segmented and integrated with the customers needs.

our vision 2 thinktank2000

Internet of Things, multiple-play services integration, Big data, among others are fields where technologies are providing a new, fresh view of a connected world, approaching an integrated profile of the single end user and much closer to achieving efficient on time and on the spot event information and answers that would drive to immediate decisions.

Customer profiling, real time front-end customer management, lead generation, new virtual and remote sales channels, valued social networking management, as well as a crucial focus on quality multimedia contents to be addressed to the right end user at the right time are concepts that will get attention by most players and will change the way of doing business.

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